Photo by Venspired

Photo by Venspired

Good news from afar is like cold water to the thirsty*. Solomon

When was the last time you were so thirsty you tried swallowing your own saliva just to ease the unbearable tension in your throat? Maybe you were far from home no vending machines or convenience stores in sight or perhaps you were in a doctor’s office and afraid to leave because you’d miss your turn and there were twenty more persons behind you. A tall cool drink of water was all you could think about…if you could think at all.

Isn’t that how it is sometimes as writers waiting to be published. We wait for that elusive email or call saying “I love your work and would be honoured to represent you”? We sit at our laptops thirsty, striking keys and swallowing our spit, hoping that someday soon a glass of refreshing water would come in the form of a glowing review of our precious baby.

And when it happens oh what joy; we sigh in bliss and are happy, relieved and inspired. We get a burst of energy that makes us want to go further and keep tapping away on keys. We are validated. We wrote something of substance that another person found worthy of all the effort we put into it. And so it goes.

I am thirsty!

I’m waiting to hear about a short story I submitted to a journal. I try not to think about it but every now and then I get a buzz – a kick to the brain that my publishing dreams are sitting in the hands of those faceless people. And I swallow, hard.

While I’m waiting I distract myself by…

  1. Working on more short stories and my novel in progress. In other words write, write, write.
  2. Reading about writing and how to improve mine. Building the craft.
  3. Reading for fun. I’m inspired by the work of other writers.
  4. Building my blog and tweeting. Eventually someone should find me, right?
  5. Getting out and enjoying life in the sun. Is there any other way to live?


What are you doing while waiting to be published?