Tony 'Rebel' Bailey - guitarist, singer songwriter, founding member Krosfyah

Tony Bailey – guitarist, singer songwriter, founding member of Krosfyah

Krosfyah is a well known Bajan band with big hits like Pump Me Up, Sak Passe and Carnival Life. I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the group’s members – Mr. Tony ‘Rebel’ Bailey – who is a guitarist/vocalist/song writer and was very happy when he agreed to be featured on TBFT.

Tony has performed in almost every West Indian island including Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, the Virgin Islands, Tortola, St. Maarten and Anguilla. Rebel contributed to over thirty albums within the region and though his vocal collaborations may be few (Edwin, Khiomal, Stinging Ants, Rameses Brown, Indra Rudder, Malcolm x) there are not many locally produced soca albums on which he hasn’t played. In addition he and other band-mates have entertained audiences across Europe, England and America.

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As usual however for TBFT I wanted to know the unusual i.e the person behind the persona that you see on stage. Below are ten things you didn’t know about Rebel.

In this blog I wanted to showcase artistes who live in Barbados. Anyone with a creative bent who is courageous enough to share their ‘art’ with the world. It could be writer, musician, photographer, sculptor or artist. It matters not whether they are using their art to currently make their living. Some of us are not that fortunate. I think however that creativity needs to be celebrated nevertheless

Q1. What are your hobbies?

Watching cricket. Rehearsal is a hobby for me as well.

Q2. Do you cook? Favourite dish to prepare?

I cook. I love to cook soup and Pelau.

Q3. Favourite writer or book?

I favour songwriters: Bob Marley Edwin Yearwood, Mighty Gabby, Plastic Bag, Mr Dale, Peter Tosh and heavy metal writers.

Q4. How old were you when you knew you wanted to do music fulltime?

I was nine when I knew wanted to rock. So I delved right into it and never looked back.

Q5. Who’s on your iPod? Who are you listening to?

I have 18,000 songs on my iPad classic. Many genres, many artists. My taste in listening music changes by the day. Right now it’s uncle Beres Hammond am blazing.

Q6. How long does it take to write a song or produce a song?

It can take me 15 minutes or 2 years to write a song. Producing a song, if it’s for me, is not a long process because I know what I want. But if it’s for someone else it can take hours or weeks depending on the quality of that artist talent wise.

Q7. Fastest song to write?

Fastest song I’ve written is Bashment Bacchanal which took 10 minutes.

Q8. Hardest song to write or perform?

The hardest song to write and produce is a social commentary because of the nature of it where it leads. It should be guided and treated differently I believe. The listeners have more mature ears and so it’s important to shape the song properly. What you can get away with in a party song you cannot get away with in Kaiso.

Q9. When you are not writing or performing you are _____?

In church. I go to church a lot – 3 times on Sunday at 3 different churches one at 8:00am, another at10:00am and again at 6:00pm. Then there’s prayer service on Tuesday night, and bible studies on Thursday night. I do enjoy these services because God is good all the time. I also play music at church.

On Saturday nights, if I’m in Barbados, I play in Albert Olton’s reggae band Revalayshun in the Reggae Lounge in St Lawrence Gap.

Q10. Where can we find you online?

I don’t do any social media at all but there are many YouTube links for Krosfyah or Tony Bailey.
Here’s where you can purchase some of his music on amazon look

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