Shabree Jemmott - Barbadian SciFi and Fantasy Author

Shabree Jemmott – Barbadian writer


Beyond Earth: Journey to Urycis

In the year 2113, two soldiers/astronauts, Lieutenants Shea and Jace journeyed from Earth to the planet Urycis with the hope of finding plant life. What they found was far more. They found an entire race, much like their own, with living breathing people! As a result of the discovery, alliances were made between the two planets, resulting in interplanetary outposts being built. Everyone however, was not happy with the alliance that was forged and mounting unrest among the Urycians escalated into an all-out war for power. Their ultimate aim: to drive the humans from Earth from their planet. In the midst of all this, love still blossomed between Lieutenant Shea and the beautiful Princess Nelima. Could this lead to even more trouble?

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Beyond Earth by Shabree Jemmott

Beyond Earth: Journey to Urycis Book 1


Shabree Jemmott is a writer in one of my favorite genres: science fiction and fantasy. My teenage years were spent devouring the books of David Eddings, Anne McCaffrey and other elaborate writers. Shabree has taken on the challenge of creating a story on the beautiful planet Urycis. Learn more about this nursery school teacher in her bio.

In this blog I wanted to showcase artistes who live in Barbados. Anyone with a creative bent who is courageous enough to share their ‘art’ with the world. It could be writer, musician, photographer, sculptor or artist. It matters not whether they are using their art to currently make their living. Some of us are not that fortunate. I think however that creativity needs to be celebrated nevertheless.

Q1 What was the idea that sparked the book?

I actually have no idea what sparked this book for me. It wasn’t one thing, but something that evolved over time. The story has changed so much since it was first conceptualized, becoming something that is filled with creativity, so much so, that sometimes during editing I have to wonder where I came up with some of the things that I wrote.

Q2 Have you written any other stories or books?

This is my first book, but certainly not my last. I have already started writing another one, it isn’t like this one, being it isn’t based in space, but it is also a science fiction, I find that I like to dabble in my imagination.

Q3 Name three of your writing accoutrements i.e your writing must haves

When I begin to write, there are some things that I definitely need. First of all, I need my notebook, I go nowhere without it, it is the most organized thing I have, as ideas come to me, I write them down, I don’t always end up using all the ideas, but I like to have them written there, they guide me to say the least. My lap-top and Google are my next best friends, I need my lap-top to type, Google provides me with my research tools, these three elements combined and I’m ready to write.

Q4 Are you a morning or evening writer?

I can write at any time of the day. Once I get into the mood I can go for hours.

Q5. What’s playing in the background as you write?

I honestly don’t know what is playing in the background, when my mind takes over, I block out everything around me and just focus on getting the story out of my brain and onto the computer.

Q6 Who is your biggest supporter?

I don’t have just one ‘biggest’ supporter. My family has supported my writing from the time I spoke up about it, so have my friends and even my colleagues at work. They have all played an integral part in helping me write the book, reading it as it progressed, lending ideas and being my biggest fans.

Excerpt from Beyond Earth: Journey To Urycis


“Take no prisoners!” He yelled with a snarl. Jace watched as the Renhi troops whooped and hollered and began their invasive advance in a false sense of victory. Shripe soldiers boarded their hovercrafts and began to draw them out into the city. The city that was now gone, Jace realized. The buildings were now reduced to nothing, it seemed like they were just mirages.

“Where the hell did the city go?” He asked in a tone loud enough for the King to hear amidst the noise.

The King didn’t seem to hear him, he was preoccupied with what was happening, his face looked electrified, like he was having the thrill of his life. As the Shripe soldiers pushed onwards, leading the Renhi away from the base and the mountains, the soldiers who lay in wait at the sides made their entrance. This was the King’s cue to make his appearance as well. He sprinted into the battle, machete glistening in the moonlight.

Jace watched as the king slid through his opponents, cutting them limb by limb, he watched as he jumped on to the back of one soldier, slitting his throat, then back flipped and chopped another right through his head. Jace shot one of them as he tried to shoot the King, the King turned and nodded his head at Jace, who was in full action now. Though not skilled in the art of the machete like the king, he knew his way well around a gun. He kept running as he offloaded shot after shot, killing multiple Renhi soldiers. The plan seemed to be working; they were effectively pushing the soldiers in the direction of the others who should be headed in their direction right about now. They really needed the help too, Jace watched as Shripe soldiers fell to their death at the hands of the Renhi, they needed reinforcements soon, although they were achieving their goal, they were grossly outnumbered.


Shea looked up in surprise. He could hear the sound of explosives from where he was. It was deafening. He watched as civilians ran outside their homes, their faces covered in confusion and fear. Shea watched in amazement as the people ran into chambers and disappeared. He watched as the buildings and bridges just all sank into the ground, it looked as though they were swallowed up by the earth beneath them.

“What the hell is going on?” He asked Falk.

“Urycian war protocol!” He shouted back.

Their contingent was already in motion, from the time the explosions went off, they began to move in swiftly. They were organized to attain maximum results. The hover ships led the way, followed by a melee infantry in the middle to handle any hand to hand combat. Tanks were stationed on the flank to offer additional support. Shea and Falk were on the frontlines, riding in one of the hover ships. They moved forward through the now deserted reservation, the sounds of weaponry ever close. Shea felt amped and ready to attack, he felt the adrenaline rush through his body in anticipation.

They flew right into the heat of the battle, Falk and Shea skillfully jumping from the moving hover ship, spiraling into the heart of the battle. Falk landed on a Renhi soldier’s head, pushing him to the ground, the soldier’s attempts to get up were ended by a shot to his head from Shea. The soldiers who remained in the hover ships used laser whips to sever the heads and limbs of the enemy. By this time the melee infantry had joined in, they were highly skilled and rapidly beheaded or disemboweled all whom they were in contact with. The carcasses soon became stepping stones which Shea and Falk used to propel themselves forward. They launched off the human molds further into battle. They fought back to back, harmoniously, complimenting each other, one not proceeding until the other was ready.

Jace watched as the bodies piled up, it was clear that the Shripe were more skillful and more advanced technologically than the Renhi. The melee infantry were making a mess of the Renhi men, their protective clothing making them nearly invincible as it shielded them from injury. Jace fought almost mindlessly, his training reemerging to the forefront of his memory, he looked for the King but somewhere along the way, the King had left him behind, from time to time, he would catch a glimpse of the machete drenched in blood as it heaved into some poor soldier’s body.

Waxan had stayed behind, he and a few soldiers searched and killed anyone left in the base. They remained and guarded it in the event anyone tried to go back there for any reason; they were unsure of what weapons were inside the base. Using another route, Commander Fedress joined them there, leading a convoy of specialists who were there to gather intelligence.

The King could feel himself being targeted, his orb was aglow, but when he had realized the glow, it was too late, he knew it was too late, he would be hit and there wasn’t anything he could do about it. He had lost Jace somewhere along the way, he hoped he was alright, he knew he was a skilled gunman; he had witnessed his talents firsthand. He turned to face his enemy, like the brave warrior he was.

The shot echoed through the crowd. It came from a ways off and seemed to have ricocheted off the heads of the soldiers. When it finally hit its intended target, it sounded like an explosion. The King looked to see where the bullet that had saved his life came from, just then, he saw Shea landing on his feet; he had taken the shot in midflight while jumping off a heap of Renhi soldiers who lay dead on the ground. The shot opened the tall man with the shaggy hair’s head, he fell to the ground, gun still in hand, a defeated expression on his face.




Shabree’s Bio

As a nursery school teacher, I often get to use my imagination within the confines of the classroom; however, it has long been my dream to share my imagination with the world. I am a proud mother of one. Being a mother has made me bolder and with this new found boldness, I was finally able to put pen to paper and share my imaginings. I call the island paradise of Barbados home. I drew on my gorgeous home as well as my travels to create in my mind the beautiful planet of Urycis. This is my first book, but I enjoyed writing it so much that I plan to write many more, starting with the sequel “Finding Nelima” which I hope to release in the middle of 2015.

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