one Republic Blog imageIt was a beautiful evening. Bathed in the gentle glow of soft yellow light I stood in a garden surrounded by picturesque bougainvillea trees waiting to be serenaded. Yes there were a few thousand other people waiting too but I pretended it was me they were coming specifically to sing to. One Republic was in Barbados! When I heard they were coming as part of the Breakfast in Barbados show, I immediately decided I was attending. I’d always wanted to go to one of the concerts which are usually held at Holders House in April but I never seemed to catch the announcement in time to purchase tickets. This year I was prepared and thanks to one of my girlfriends was alerted the day the tickets went on sale.

The concert was on and rocking. Everyone I spoke to who attended, said they had a wonderful time too. Armed with my trusty cell phone I went right up to the stage (barricade) and positioned myself to take pics. The show opened with Jenn & One Sixty Six: the local bajan band that won the battle of the bands at Harbour Lights and secured the privilege of boasting that they opened for One Republic. Next on stage was Andee from Canada and though she was so nervous that her hands were shaking, her voice was outstanding. It was as if the nerves melted away while she was singing. You could tell she really appreciated the support of the audience.

And then there was One Republic. They performed hit after hit which the crowd, including me, sang along to with gusto. Ryan Tedder was fantastic but I must give kudos to Zach Filkins who did an improv guitar solo during where he tapped out beats and strummed out bars which looped in the play back and became the arrangement for the solo piece. The crowd and I were well pleased that evening.