Makeup artist Mandy Cummins in dramatic makeup

Many Cummins in dramatic makeup photo by Andre Williams

On most days I can’t be bothered with makeup-not even for work. Wash, moisturize, a quick swipe of lip gloss and step through the door. That’s me! But there are times when the girly girl inside me comes out and does a little pirouette. She wants foundation, blush, contouring and highlighting. That’s when I need the services of a Mandy Cummins who will transform a little caterpillar like me into a social butterfly.


Mandy is an unapologetic free spirit who enjoys all forms of passionate artistic expression. She’s an avid and proud member of certain fandoms (she’s dubbed herself a superwholockgamewalker, subject to change as she adds more and more fan-worthy stuff to her watch list). She staunchly supports social equality and daily tries to be kind, to give back, to learn and to grow. Mandy has dreams of one day doing makeup on TV and films sets, publishing a book and starting her own makeup line. She loves writing, drawing, dreaming, posing for pictures, cosplaying, painting faces, dancing with her daughter, snuggling her fur babies, cooking, watching the stars, being silly, twirling in the moonlight, chocolate and coffee.


Here’s Mandy teaching us how to do a red carpet inspired look


In this blog I wanted to showcase artistes who live in Barbados. Anyone with a creative bent who is courageous enough to share their ‘art’ with the world. It could be writer, musician, photographer, sculptor or artist. It matters not whether they are using their art to currently make their living. Some of us are not that fortunate. I think however that creativity needs to be celebrated nevertheless.


Eight Easy Questions with Mandy the MakeUp Artist.


Q1.  How long have you been doing makeup, and how did you get started?

I remember being interested in makeup from a very young age when I would watch my mum applying her makeup. It fascinated me. And then the movies Mrs Doubtfire and Braveheart got me super interested in movie makeup and prosthetics. I started doing my friends’ makeup when I was in my late teens when we were going out partying and it evolved into a career from there. I started doing it professionally as a side job when I was about 21 and I’ve being doing it exclusively as my job for the last four years.


Q2.   What do you love most about the makeup jobs?

I love watching people transform. Not necessarily in looks only but their confidence perks up with simple makeup tricks and they see their beauty being revealed to them. Same goes for character or prosthetic makeup. Bruising an actor’s face, for example, puts them into the mind frame of their character and I love watching that happen. I also love the creativity and the thought process that goes into whatever makeup I apply. And I actually really just love the physical application process. I can get lost in it, no matter how long I’m on my feet or how tired my back and arms get (which has been upwards of 12 hours at times!). It’s extremely enjoyable to me, whether it’s just red lips or a fully bruised and broken face, or a crazy character.


Q3.  Do you airbrush?

Yes I do.

Mandy Cummins applying makeup to Malyssa Alana

Malyssa Alana, Makeup by Mandy Cummins | Loud 87 photoshoot


Q4.  Can you cover tattoos, acne, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, etc?

Absolutely. My bread and butter is beauty makeup and the ability and skill to correct problems like those are absolutely necessary.


Q5.    Do you have any experience doing makeup for theatre eg. creating bruising effects?

Yes I do! It’s actually my absolute favourite makeup to do: anything in the theatrical or film arenas. I’m currently teaching myself special effects makeup techniques and thoroughly enjoying it.

Q6   What are your prices for events?

Prices vary depending on the job. Generally a makeup for an event or a party is $120, and it increases from there for performance makeup, bridal makeup, and special effects/character makeup. I’ll generally take large groups on a job by job basis and I’m more than willing to work with a client or clients based on their budget.


Makeup artist Mandy Cummins and daughter Aeris

Mandy and her daughter Aeris ploto by Andrew Browne Photography


Q7   For parents, what’s the right age for daughters to start wearing makeup?

Honestly, this is a tough question. My 5 year old watches me work and loves to experiment with makeup and she’ll wear glitter and lip gloss whenever she wants to. My mother let me do the same when I was small. For me makeup should not be about covering up who you are, it’s about expressing yourself and your personality, so when Aeris puts blue glitter all over her face and wants to wear it out to the supermarket I let her. I think parents should try very hard to allow their kids to express themselves even if the parents feel a little weird about it, but if their rules are that they can’t wear it out of the house then that’s fine too. I think compromise and balance are very important. I do think by about 14/15 a girl is just now coming into her own and should be allowed to wear makeup whenever she wants, (except perhaps to school of course). Better to teach her propriety and good morals in general, and foster self-love and confidence and uniqueness by allowing her to express herself, and then trust her to make the right choices.


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Q8  Do you offer makeup classes?

Yes I do! I do it on a client to client basis. I prefer private one on one classes or very small groups (maximum of 4 people) because then I can teach more in depth and offer as much personal support and guidance as possible, which is much harder in larger groups with limited time.


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