Adrian Green Barbadian spoken word artist, poet

Adrian Green Barbadian spoken word artist, poet – Art is Chemistry

I had the privilege of going to school with Adrian Green. No one knew at that time that he’d become Adrian Green, spoken word guru, poet extraordinaire. All I thought (to myself) back then was that ‘that boy was cute’. Emphasis intended.

It’s been interesting, to say the least, to witness the evolution of Adrian Green. It was as if he burst on the scene ready and ripe. No fumbling, no feeling for words. The man flabbergasted the patrons at Nifca one year with jooks and stabs to the consciousness that were as scathing as they were entertaining. So of course when I caught up with him one bright afternoon at the Rubis gas station in Road View, St Peter I jumped at the chance to add his profile to TBFT.

Watch him perform the piece Tingling Feeling

In this blog I wanted to showcase artistes who live in Barbados. Anyone with a creative bent who is courageous enough to share their ‘art’ with the world. It could be writer, musician, photographer, sculptor or artist. It matters not whether they are using their art to currently make their living. Some of us are not that fortunate. I think however that creativity needs to be celebrated nevertheless.


Q1. Have you ever forgotten the words of your poem…while on stage? What did you do?

It happens every now and again. It’s not a big deal. Words can change but the point remains the same.

Q2. When did you develop the interest in spoken word? 

It was in my late teens/early twenties. I was in Miami at a point where I was very disillusioned with the beaten path.

Q3. Give us five lines/first verse from the first poem you wrote.

I can’t even remember what was the first poem I wrote.

Q4. What are you currently reading?

Radical Honesty by Brad Blanton

Q5. The evolution of your hair… any significance to the styles you choose?

There is significance and the evolution of my hair is linked to my evolution as a person but not significant enough for me to spend time talking about.

Q6 Did you think your words would have as much impact on persons as they do?

I didn’t think about it very deeply. I was young and naive when I started. I took it for granted that my words would have impact. Now I am older I am just thankful for any positive impact they may have.

Q7. What’s next for Adrian Green?

Who the f—- knows. I really just concentrate on improving my work and let the chips fall wherever. Which is not the best strategy. I’m trying to change that mindset.

Q8. Encouraging words to up-and-comers

Getting good at what you do and getting good at getting noticed are two different things. Work on both.

Q9. Five random things people wouldn’t know about you!

I prefer shoes with no heel
I do not own a tie
I love kickboxing though not very good at it
I’m a coffee drinker
I am not naturally a social person. (people probably guessed that one)

Buy Adrian’s work at the Book Place Lr Bay Street Bridgetown 622 1734 or Chattel House Books




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