The Why

Back in 2010, I was reading a financial planning blog (ChristianPf) and articles mentioned that their site was built using the wordpress platform. They made it sound so easy that I decided ‘Oh well, maybe I could do it too’. History, I think, shows that many a story have begun with this statement whether the end result was fame or infamy as the case may be. Regardless of which this turns out to be, here I am!

The Where

I am based in Barbados, a tiny dot in the Caribbean.  Home of Rihanna, Shontelle and Hal Linton. The bearded fig tree is a national icon and folklore says it’s the reason Barbados got its name. Barbados is a derivative of os Barbados – a name given by the Portuguese.  It means the bearded ones… supposedly because the island at the time was covered with these huge trees with aerial roots hanging from the limbs. This reason for the island’s name is a matter of debate however since some people think that ‘the bearded ones’ could have also referred to the Carib people who were one of the indigenous tribes many centuries ago. Whatever! Wikipedia does a much better job at the explanations than I.

The What

TBFT is a place to try new things. To show case my country while satisfying my desire to writ and enjoying life in the sun.

It’s a place to vent and articulate. Give words to life lessons and share what little wisdom I have acquired with time.  It represents my desire to help others. To encourage, motivate and just make you think… or laugh (I don’t care which).  You will also see guest bloggers and profiles of artists and artistes of all genres.

The articles are not written to cause offense but since humans will be reading the content, more than likely someone may ‘feel a way’ (Bajan term for being uncomfortable ) about what is written. To those – hopefully few – I apologize. You should however read the terms and conditions of use before continuing.

Enough said. Just enjoy!